Established in 1999, Wenzhou Aohui Shoes Material Co., Ltd. (originally Wenzhou Longwan Shacheng Aoyun Shoes Material Factory) is professional insole manufacturer with sales network covering a dozen countries. There are about 100 employees in our company.

With our own "AOHUI"  brands, we mainly manufacture magnetic insoles, EVA insoles, medical insoles, latex insoles, health and deodorizing insoles, rectification insoles, diabetes insoles, point massage insoles, zoom insoles, liquid insoles, gel insoles, sports insoles, functional insoles and foot care pads. There are altogether over 300 items.

We have our special research and development department and testing system. Every product is strictly checked by material test and pressure distribution test. We insist on the concept of health foot care.

Our factory has mould and safety test workshop so that we can shorten period of making samples if we do OEM for clients. It only takes about three weeks to deal from receiving enquiry to making samples out, and we always only spend four workweeks on dealing with general orders.
Clients can check production schedule by visiting our website. You will see updated pictures and descriptions of new items as VIP at our website guest reception. Respecting your valuable time, we will answer you in five minutes as soon as we get your call or emails.

Having fine global cooperation channel, we can grip the newest trends in good time. Aohui will be always with you. We always believe that a professional company does professional stuff.
Welcome to visit our website.